Assessment and Planning

Strategic Plan
Overview of 2012-2017 Planning Process

In the fall of 2011, the Division's Leadership Team developed core components of a third-generation strategic plan designed to guide the Division's work for the following five years. In early spring 2012, the Division sought feedback from faculty, staff, administrators, and students via focus groups to ensure the plan was descriptive of our work and aligned with campus goals. Their feedback was incorporated into the plan, and the end result serves as a guideline for organization the future direction of the Division through June 30, 2017.

PDF Version of the Division's Strategic Plan


To impact the success of students by delivering nationally recognized programs and services that broaden the educational experience and promote campus and civic engagement.


To provide quality co-curricular programs and services that facilitate intellectual growth and personal development, creating pathways to success for all students.


Students First
Focus on providing programs and services designed to facilitate active student learning and engagement by maintaining high expectations of students and supporting them to reach their full potential.

Conduct ourselves and implement our programs and services with the highest professional standards.

Build inclusive, accessible, diverse communities by celebrating differences, modeling cultural competency, and promoting civility.

Social Justice
Foster a community that promotes full and equal participation and respects the dignity of each individual.

Best Practices
Employ exemplary, evidence-based practices that elicit superior staff performance, delivering quality services and programs with our students.

Create and sustain dynamic, mutually-beneficial partnerships with internal and external constituents.

Civic Engagement
Promote active collaboration that builds on the resources, skills, expertise, and knowledge of the campus and community to improve the quality of life in communities in a manner consistent with the campus mission. (IUPUI Center for Service and Learning)

Health and Wellness
Maintain a supportive environment for healthy living that encourages a balanced life.

  • Campus Life

    Improve and enrich campus life while ensuring that the Division and its departments meet nationally recognized standards for programs, services, and facilities.

    1. Provide research, rationale, and support to expand facilities that accommodate health and wellness, dining, and housing options.
    2. Develop a plan to promote and sustain physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness to enhance student success.
    3. Identify and incorporate national standards for departments and the division.
  • Campus Climate

    Foster an inclusive, welcoming, supportive, and affirming community that contributes to student success.

    1. Develop a comprehensive Division-wide plan to incorporate social justice and positively impact the campus community.
    2. Develop programs and initiatives that increase campus pride and traditions among students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and family.
    3. Develop and incorporate a cultural competency model and an outcome-based diversity training series for Division staff members.
    4. Incorporate a comprehensive retention model in collaboration with various units across campus.
  • Campus and Community Partnerships

    Create and sustain mutually beneficial relationships that advance student learning, maximize resources, and facilitate civic engagement.

    Campus Partnerships

    1. Develop outcomes and mutually understood expectations for campus partnerships.
    2. Connect programs and services in Student Life that align with the learning opportunities identified in principles of learning for undergraduate and graduate students and the RISE initiative.
    3. Analyze existing partnerships to assess effectiveness and outcomes.
    4. Identify and create new partnerships with administrative and academic units.
    5. Identify and create new partnerships related to health science initiatives and programs.

    Community Partnerships

    1. Develop outcomes and mutually understood expectations for community partnerships.
    2. Assess the effectiveness and desired outcomes of existing community partnerships.
    3. Increase educationally meaningful community engagement opportunities.
    4. Identify and create new partnerships with community constituents.
    5. Create and build a stronger, more collaborative presence in the Indianapolis area that connects/utilizes community involvement to student learning.
  • Division Effectiveness

    Demonstrate excellence in professional practice through effective leadership and responsible stewardship of resources.

    1. Develop a strategy to recruit and retain highly qualified and diverse Student Affairs professionals.
    2. Develop and implement a strategic plan outlining pathways to achieving new goals and strategic initiatives.
    3. Launch a Division-wide performance management process.
    4. Develop a comprehensive model for Division-wide fiscal effectiveness and efficiency.
    5. Develop a regular schedule of program review for each unit in the Division of Student Life.
    6. Create a Division-wide framework for professional development for new and continuing staff that results in increased skills and retention of staff.
    7. Develop a comprehensive plan for fundraising and grant acquisition.
    8. Create a national fundraising conference for student affairs professionals.
    9. Develop mechanisms to ensure data are used to drive programmatic and fiscal decision making.
    10. Develop new and maintain existing relationships with other state and peer institutions that inform improved service and positively impact student retention.