Holli Weed, BS, CHWC

Holli Weed

Graduate Assistant
Office of Health and Wellness Promotion, IUPUI
Campus Center, Suite 350
420 University Blvd Indianapolis, IN 46202


Holli Weed is the Graduate Assistant for IUPUI Health and Wellness Promotion, a division of Student Affairs. She earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology from Dartmouth College, working her way through school as an Undergraduate Advisor (also known as an RA) for first-year students. After graduation, Holli went on to work as a Presidential Fellow in the Dartmouth College President's Office for two years. During this time she provided research, analysis, and peer benchmarking to an institutional committee charged with mitigating sexual assault, high-risk drinking, and lack of inclusivity. She also assisted senior administrators in preparing and managing budgets, assisted with college fundraising for local nonprofits, and wrote and edited speeches as needed to support the President's Senior Writer. 

Holli is currently pursuing her Masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs and expects to graduate in May of 2018. Her research interests include crisis management, high-risk behaviors, and sexual violence prevention and response. She is also trained as a Certified Health and Wellness Coach through Real Balance, LLC.

As part of her self-care strategy, Holli enjoys rollerblading, graphic design, working with animals, and restoring vintage furniture. 

Preferred pronouns: she, her, hers, they, their