Multimedia Production Center


Q: The file I am trying to submit is too large. What other ways can I send you my file?

A: Please utilize or Google Drive and set you permissions so that anyone with the link to the file may view/download the file.

Q: How long will it take to print my print job?

A: We make every effort to complete print jobs in the same business day; however, please allow up to 2 business days in the event that we are experiencing a large number of print requests.

Q: What is the largest size you can print?

A: The largest roll of paper we have is 44 inches wide. The largest poster we have printed on our printers is around 44" x 110".

Q: How do I resize my PDF?

A: The answer to this varies based on the program you've used to create your document. In general it may be best to do a search similar to "How to resize my document in X" where X = the name of the program you are using to create your document.

Q: What is the difference between photo and matte paper?

A: Photo paper has a semi gloss to it while matte has no gloss on it at all.

Q: Do you have our logo on file?

A: It is good practice to always include your logo in a vector format for every project you do with us to ensure that we are using the proper logo to brand your design.