Operations Team Member

Operations team members are responsible for setting up furniture and technology equipment for events in the Campus Center, and for general upkeep of the common areas of the building. This position requires the ability to lift, move furniture no more than 20 pounds and be in overall good physical condition. This position also includes the use of a variety of technology equipment for meetings and events.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide friendly and courteous customer service to all guests and clients in the building
  • Establish and maintain an understanding of the policies and procedures outlined in the Campus Center Building Manual and the Campus Center Team Member Manual
  • Maintain detailed knowledge of the services provided by Campus Center tenants, general campus services, office locations, campus events and general campus information
  • Perform room set-ups (room furniture and technology equipment) for events scheduled in Campus Center spaces:
    • Do furniture set-ups based on information provided in the daily set-up worksheet
    • Set up necessary technology equipment (screens, projectors, sound equipment)
    • Set up other resources (staging, easels, podiums)Unlock the meeting rooms and greet clients at arrival
    • Provide basic AV instruction to clients
    • Monitor each meeting room in use on an hourly basis
    • Complete periodic check-ins with clients with all-day events
  • Reset rooms after each event:
    • Turn off AV equipment, open blinds and put up screen
    • Reset furniture for the next event that day, or for events within two hours of opening the next morning; return unneeded furniture to appropriate storage rooms
    • Return portable AV equipment to appropriate storage rooms
    • Clean tables, arrange chairs, clean dry erase boards, remove trash and vacuum floors as needed
    • Lock the room when the reset is completed
  • Maintain facility by cleaning tables, cleaning microwave ovens, discarding trash and straightening chairs in the Citizens Commons and elsewhere in the building
  • Complete specific tasks related to opening and closing the facility
  • Complete regular inventory checks on all meeting room furniture and resources to check for any needed repairs and/or replacement
  • Complete one-on-one AV training with Senior Coordinator for Facilities and Technical Services, Operations Area Manager or Building Manager as needed
  • Assist with the implementation of emergency action plans in the instance of a drill or actual emergency
  • Attend all scheduled team and all-team meetings (typically 4-6 meetings per semester), and training sessions (typically one day-long session per semester)
  • Provide assistance in other work areas as needed
  • Adhere to the established dress code (team members are provided 2 shirts and a fleece jacket)
  • Other duties as assigned

Previous customer service work experience, excellent customer service skills, strong work ethic, great attention to details, reliable personal transportation, good time management skills and the physical ability to move and setup furniture and technology equipment on a daily basis are required.

Candidates must have at least a 2.0 cumulative IUPUI GPA (or be a first-semester student) and be in judicial good standing at the time of application, and those hired must maintain this standing throughout the term of employment. Undergraduate candidates and team members must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours, and graduate candidates and team members must be enrolled in at least 3 credit hours. All Campus Center team members must have a commitment and interest in working with a diverse team, and serving a diverse population of clients and guests.

Time Commitment:
Team members must work at least 10 hours per week and will not be scheduled for more than 25 hours per week. A variety of work hours are available during the morning, day, and evening on weekdays and weekends, whenever the Campus Center facility is open. Team members may also occasionally be assigned to work at late-night events. Work hours are also available during fall break, semester break and spring break and over the summer.

Direct Supervision:
Assistant Director of Operations

$10.15 per hour

To Apply:
Applications will only be accepted via the online application on the Campus Center website (http://go.iu.edu/192y). Submit the complete online application, including a professional résumé. A personal interview, check of two work-related references and a criminal background check must be completed before a hiring decision will be made. For questions about the position and/or the application process contact the Operations Manager at opsmgr@iupui.edu