Reserve Space

Information Tables

Limited space is available for information tables inside the Campus Center for both internal and external entities to promote themselves, their activities and/or their products.

Student organizations can reserve information tables on The Den Event Form. Contact for more information. Departments can reserve information tables on - contact for more information.

  • Information Table Specifications

    • An information table reservation will consist of one table (6 feet in length) and two chairs.
    • Organizations may not supply their own tables or booths.
    • Only one table can be reserved for an organization per day.
    • External clients may reserve an information table as long as it is not offering a service found in the Campus Center.
    • Locations
      • Level 1 (8 tables)
        • 1 table next to the bell tower stairway entrance
        • 2 tables are located under the Citizens Commons Sign
        • 5 tables are located in very specific spots along the railing overlooking the TV Lounge
    • There is no guarantee that the organization will be placed in its preferred table location.
    • The tables may not be moved.
    • Information tables will be set-up before a member of the sponsoring organization arrives.
    • A member of the organization must check-in at the Information Desk to be taken to their table.
    • All organization representatives must remain behind the table. Also, all displayed material must be confined to the table and must be removed and stored by the exhibitor at the end of each day.
    • There must be at least one and not more than three representatives of the organization behind the table at all times.
    • There is no electricity access at the information tables, therefore equipment needing constant power is prohibited.
    • The use of audio tapes, recordings, music or a sound system is not permitted.
    • Tables may not be taken from meeting rooms, lounges or office suites to be used as information tables.
    • Organizations must follow strict campus policies regarding the sale and/or distribution of food items at an information table. Failure to follow the IUPUI Food Policy could result in the cancellation of the event.
    • The Campus Center reserves the right to suspend or terminate information table privileges from any organization, department or external company that acts in contradiction to these specifications.
  • Reservation Fees

    • Registered student organizations and university departments will not incur any fee for the reservation of an information table. However, a $25 late cancellation fee will be charged for any reservation cancelled less than 2 business days prior to the confirmed date of the reservation. A $25 no-show fee will be charged if the organization or department fails to cancel the reservation and is not present at the reserved information table.
    • External companies or organizations will be charged a $150 per day for an information table, to be paid up front prior to reservation confirmation. All terms related to cancellation or no-shows will be prescribed in the reservation contract.