Reserve Space

Newsstand Ad Panel

Registered student organizations, university departments and external entities hosting events open to IUPUI students may publicize these events on the newsstands located outside the Campus Center. This service is available exclusively for promoting events taking place in the Campus Center. Space is limited, and requests will be considered on a first come, first served basis.

  • Newsstand Ad Panel

    Ad Specifications
    • Ads must be 87" (width) x 31" (height). The viewable area is 86" (width) x 30" (height), and any copy or graphics should be at least 2" within the edge to assure viewability. Ads of a smaller or larger size will not be permitted in this location.
    • The newsstands have a plastic casing that secures the advertisement in place; however, it is not 100% waterproof. For best results, artwork should be laminated.
    • Organizations may design their own Newsstand Ad or work with the Multimedia Production Center for design services.
    • Graphic design specifications:
      • Document should be created at 50% of printed trim size.
      • All tiffs created for and placed into the 50% document should be 300dpi.
      • Bleed images and background screens or tints to trim edge.
    Newsstand Location
    • East Entry (Location 2)
      • The newsstand at this entrance is located along University Boulevard, near the intersection of Michigan Street (across from Cavanaugh Hall). The advertising panel is visible on the east side towards University Boulevard.
    Fees for Newsstand Ads
    • Registered student organizations pay no fees for posting a newsstand ad, however these ads may only remain up for 14 days.
    • University departments must pay the following fees for a newsstand ad:
      • $45
      • 1-14 days
      • $80
      • 15-30 days
      • $150
      • 31-60 days
    • External entities must pay the following fees for a newsstand ad:
      *(External entities please contact or (317) 278-8511 to sign a contract.)
      • $85
      • 1-14 days
      • $160
      • 15-30 days
      • $350
      • 31-60 days
    Installation/Removal of Newsstand Ad Panels
    • Newsstand ad panels will be installed by Campus Center staff.
    • Ad panels will be removed by Campus Center staff according to the end date listed on the request form.
    • Groups wishing to keep their ad panels after they have been removed from the newsstands must indicate such on the request form and pick up their materials from the Campus Center Administration Office (CE 350) within 3 business days of the event date. If materials are not picked up after 3 business days, they will be discarded.
    Requesting Newsstand Ad Panel
    • To request a newsstand ad, submit the Newsstand Ad Panel Request Form (below), along with an image of what the newsstand ad will look like (Upload field), no less than 3 business days in advance of the desired installation date.
    • Requests will be reviewed for the following criteria:
      • Contributes to the overall marketing scheme of IUPUI
      • Contributes to the overall marketing and success of Student Life departmental programs and/or student lead programs open to all
      • University departments and academic programs highlighting achievement, recruitment or special programs
      • Non-profit and non-university organizations, government agencies and K-12 schools conducting educational and community service activities open to IUPUI students