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Railing Banner

Registered student organizations and university departments may hang banners on the railings facing the atrium on the 2nd level of the Campus Center to publicize events open to IUPUI students.

  • Railing Banner Requirements
    Railing Banner Requirements
    • Railing banners may be used exclusively by IUPUI departments and registered student organizations.
    • Banners must be of professional quality and measure exactly 55" wide x 36" high. Banners of a smaller or larger size will not be permitted in this location.
    Installation/Removal of Railing Banners
    • Banners should be brought to the Campus Center Administration Office (CE 350) for installation at least 1 business day in advance of the requested installation date.
    • Railing banners will be installed and removed by Campus Center staff.
    • The Campus Center will provide the zip ties for hanging the banner.
    • Banners will be removed by Campus Center staff according to the end date listed on the request form, but will only be posted for a maximum of 30 business days.
    • Groups wishing to keep their banners after they have been removed must specifically request this on the request form and pick up their materials from the Campus Center Administration Office (CE 270) within 3 business days of the removal date. If materials are not picked up after 3 business days, they will be discarded.
    Requesting Railing Banner

    To request a railing banner, sumbit the Railing Banner Request Form (below), along with an image of what the railing banner will look like (Upload field), no less than 5 days in advance of the desired installation date.