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Campus Center Room Setup Types

The room setups below are examples of the different furniture configurations and are not exact. Some rooms will have a different type of configuration based on the room size. The five (5) furniture configurations above the line are available to all meeting rooms, but are the only options for rooms CE031 (Group Practice Room) & Multipurpose Rooms (CE450A, CE450B, & CE450C).


  • CE 266 has a permanent boardroom table with seating for 20 around the table.
  • CE 406 (the Boardroom) has a permanent boardroom table with seating for 24 at the table and 16 along the wall.
  • CE 002 (the Theater) has fixed seating for 245 with 8 wheelchair accessible locations.
  • There are other spaces available to reserve in the Campus Center, but have strict furniture configuration limitations.

Cleared Room


Banquet (10-top)

Exhibit Hall

U-shape (Chairs only)

The furniture configurations below are only available to the following meeting spaces:

  • CE240
  • CE264
  • CE268
  • CE305
  • CE306
  • CE307
  • CE308
  • CE309
  • CE310
  • CE405
  • CE409


Conference Table

Open Square

U-shape with tables and chairs

Pods of 4

Pods of 6

Pods of 8