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Table Tent

University departments and registered student organizations may use table tents to promote upcoming programs and events.

  • Table Tent Requirements
    Table Tent Requirements
    • The use of table tents is restricted to the tables located in the Citizens Commons and the second floor commons area. Table tents will not be placed in meeting rooms, lounges, the Game Room, or any other areas in the Campus Center.
    • Table tents must be constructed of cardstock, in such a way that they will be free-standing.
    • The organization must provide 10, pre-assembled table tents.
    • Table tents will be displayed for no longer than 10 business days.
    Installation/Removal of Table Tents
    • Pre-assembled table tents must be delivered to the Campus Center Administration Office (CE 350) no less than 1 business day in advance of the first scheduled display date.
    • Table tents will be placed by Campus Center staff according to the requirements outlined above.
    • At the end of 10 business days, Campus Center staff will remove and discard the table tents.
    • Campus Center staff will remove any table tents that have been damaged (torn, soiled, etc.) or defaced.
    Requesting Table Tents

    To request the use of table tents, complete the Table Tent Request Form (below) and submit it, along with a copy of what the table tent will look like (Upload field), at least 5 business days in advance of the desired installation date.