Campus Recreation


Campus Recreation facilities are for all IUPUI students, faculty and staff that have paid the recreation fee and is designed to develop healthier and active lifestyles. 

Recreation fee may be paid online during registration for IUPUI academic classes or at the IU Natatorium Pro Shop.  You must carry your valid IUPUI I.D./Jag Tag in this facility at all times for entrance and access to all of the facilities.

Also, through IUPUI's partnership with the National Institute for Fitness and Sport, NIFS offers discounted fitness opportunities to all IUPUI students. View NIFS website for more information on this fitness facility.

Campus Recreation Office and Information

The Campus Recreation office is located on the deck level of the Physical Education/Natatorium building next to the elevator.

  • Monday — Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed

For more information, call (317) 274-2824

  • School of Physical Education & Tourism Management (PETM)

    IUPUI School of Physical Education and Tourism Management and the IU Natatorium, opened in 1982.
    The entire complex is 220,000 gross square feet; School of Physical Education and Tourism Management portion is 68,000 square feet. The entire building is 525 feet and the height is 90 feet (from pool deck to ceiling).

    Deck Level (Lower Floor)
    • Campus Recreation Office is located on the lower deck level in PE 043
    • Natatorium Pro Shop is located on the lower deck level at the end of the stairs
    • Three pools: two 50 meter pools (competition and instructional) and one diving pool
    • Locker Rooms
    • Three weight rooms: PE014 weight room, PE015 Fitness Center and Natatorium Fitness Center
    Concourse Level (1st Floor)
    • Main Gymnasium (PE 150) is adaptable to three practice courts or one competition court.
    • Auxiliary Gymnasium (PE 156) has a mirrored wall and barred for dance classes.
    • Racquetball Court (PE 153)
    • Student Lab (PE 151)
    Second Level
    • Administrative faculty offices
    • An enclosed overhead pedestrian walkway (affectionately known as the "gerbil walkway") connecting the building with the Education/Social Work Building across New York Street.
  • IU Natatorium

    Natatorium renovations Information FAQs

    Students, faculty and staff who have paid the IUPUI Recreation Fee and have a valid IUPUI Jag Tag I.D. may utilize the Natatorium Pool for recreational lap swimming. Please note that recreational lap swimming times may be occasionally adjusted due to events held at the pool.  For more information on the Natatorium, including lap swim closings and Natatorium Fitness Center contact the Front Desk at (317) 274-3518.

    Pool Hours

    Due to Natatorium Renovations, please see the Natatorium’s website for Lap Swim hours.
    Closing schedule published monthly.

  • The CROF at Lockefield Green


    Campus Recreation Outdoor Facility (The CROF) at Lockefield Green includes two sand volleyball courts, three outdoor basketball courts, and 3200 square foot green space for informal recreation,  for all IUPUI student, faculty and staff.  More information is available clicking here

    Hours:  Daily from  9:00 am to 10:30 pm.

     Current JagTag required to enter basketball courts.  

    For more information about The CROF at Lockefield Green, please call: (317) 274-2824.

  • IU Michael A. Carroll Track & Soccer Stadium

    The center of the track stadium is a FieldTurf Revolution soccer field. The field is 110 yds x 75 yds, and is the location for IUPUI men’s and women’s soccer games. I can accommodate Campus Recreation intramural games, Club sports, all levels of soccer, as well as multi-sport use- football, lacrosse, marching band, field hockey track and field events, and sports camps.

    For more information on how to rent the facility and rental rates, please contact Dave Thibodeau at 317.274.8056 or IUPUI Club Sports please contact Matthew McKay (OSI) at 317-274-7200.

  • Natural Outdoor Green Spaces

    The field is located on the corner of Ohio Street and Blackford Street, across from Eskenazi Hall.   For more information about South Meadow, please call Campus Recreation at (317) 274-2824

    Instructional Field

    The field is located on the corner of New York St. and University Blvd., across from the School of Physical Education & Tourism Management/Natatorium. The length of the field runs along University Blvd. (north-south).  For Rental Information, please contact Department of Kinesiology at 274-0600 or click here

    Softball Fields

    The fields are located along the south side New York St. (one way street running east) and to the west of the Track & Soccer stadium.

    Our facilities are available for rental when academic, athletic, recreational or intramural events are not scheduled. For contracting rentals. Please contact Campus Recreation at 274-2824 for more information and to complete a Rental Request Form.

  • PETM Locker Rooms (PE053 & PE054)

    $19.00 Locker Fee Rental: Payment can be made at the IU Natatorium Pro Shop during the semester (or) online when registering for IUPUI academic classes.  Claim ticket from Natatorium Pro Shop and take to the Campus Recreation Office (PE043) for locker assignment, towel and combination.

    Locker Policy
    1. The period of locker rental/laundry service begins with the first day of class and ends with the last day of undergraduate final examinations.                                         
    2. Non-university locks will be removed each evening.
    Towel Service
    1. Clean towels will be issued when a soiled towel is surrendered.
    2. Towels cannot be “borrowed”.
    3. Towel service will be provided during the following hours:
      • Monday – Friday:             8:00 a.m.  -  9:00 p.m.
      • Weekends:                           2:00 p.m.  -  9:00 p.m.

    Laundry service will be provided for University Towels Only.

    Locker Clean-Out

    End of each semester, lockers MUST be cleaned out, and locks and towels must be returned to Campus Recreation Office (PE043) for locker assignment and combination.

    Any personal items (with the exception of personal hygiene products are discarded during clean-out) left in the locker at the end of a term will be kept for two (2) weeks and then discarded. 

    Campus Recreation, PETM and the IU Natatorium are not responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen items in lockers and locker rooms.  Please notify the Campus Recreation office immediately if you have any questions or concerns.

    Locker & Towel Policy

  • NIFS

    Through IUPUI's partnership with the National Institute for Fitness and Sport, NIFS offers discounted fitness oppportunities to all IUPUI students. View NIFS website for more information.

    Fitness Center Hours:

    • Monday - Thursday:  5:15 am - 10:00 pm
    • Friday: 5:15 am - 9:00 pm
    • Saturday & Sunday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Parking

    We have a guest hourly parking garage attached to the Natatorium/School of Physical Education and Tourism Management. There are also designated visitor parking meters throughout campus.