Campus Recreation

IU Natatorium

Students, faculty, and staff who have paid the IUPUI recreation fee and have a valid Jagtag ID may utilize the IU Natatorium for recreational lap swimming.

Please note that recreational lap swimming times may be occasionally adjusted due to events held at the pool. For more information on the Natatorium, including lap swim closings and the Natatorium Fitness Center, contact the Front Desk at (317) 274-3518 or visit the IU Natatorium website.

Competition Pool (For lap swimming only)

  • Water temperature: about 79 degrees
  • 50-meter competition pool, 25 meters across with eight racing lanes
  • Depth: 9'1" to 10'3"
  • Gallons of water: approximately 900,000
  • Two movable bulkheads that change the length of the pool for other uses such as water polo, synchronized swimming, and 25-meter races.

Instructional Pool

  • Water temperature: 88 degrees
  • 50-meter, six-lane pool
  • Floor section on the west end rises to zero depth and lowers to 4'6"
  • Depth: East end is approximately 9'6" deep
  • Number of gallons of water: approximately 450,000