Campus Recreation


PETM Locker Rooms (PE053 & PE054)

Campus Recreation offers use of the men's and women's Physical Education Lockers to faculty, staff and students.

Faculty, staff and students may choose to use the C – H lockers free of charge on a daily basis.  All locks must be removed daily.

Locker rentals are also available for use during the semester for a fee. Locker rentals include a locker with a combination lock and towel service.

Locker Fee Rental: $19.00 for the semester.  

Payment can be made at the IU Natatorium Pro Shop during the semester (or) online when registering for IUPUI academic classes. Claim ticket from Natatorium Pro Shop and take to the Campus Recreation Office (PE043).

For further information, please refer to the Locker and Towel Policy.

Individuals renting lockers must have their lockers cleaned out with lock and towel returned to the Campus Recreation Office (PE043) by the posted deadline date to avoid a locker clean-out fee.

Tall lockers are available for those who have paid the locker rental. Priority goes to all students in the School of Physical Education and Tourism Management in the first two (2) weeks of each semester. After the second full week of each semester, tall lockers will be available for those who have paid the locker rental. All eligible requests are on a first come, first serve basis.

Locker Clean-Out

All Lockers must be cleaned out and locks returned to PE 043 on or before noon on posted deadline date. Clean out includes removing all items, not just the ones you want to keep. Lost lock fee: $10.

Towels must be turned in to PE 043 on or before noon on posted deadline date. Lost towel fee: $10.

Penalty for failure to clean out locker by the deadline: $10.

Any personal items left in locker at the end of the term will be kept for two weeks and then discarded.

For more information, please contact the Campus Recreation office at PE 043 or (317) 274-2824.

Due to limited space, we do not allow lockers to be held year round.