Campus Recreation

Fitness Programs

All Campus Recreation members have access to a variety of fitness programs on campus. All group fitness classes are included with your semester recreational fee. Classes are 25-60 minutes in length and all equipment is provided. Please be sure to bring your Crimson Card  for admittance and sign in before each class.


Fitness Classes

  • Participants workout with trained group fitness instructors
  • All group fitness classes are free to Campus Recreation members
  • Classes are 25-60 minutes in length and all equipment is provided
  • Become a Group Fitness Instructor
    • Required Certification in specific areas: (i.e.; Zumba, Yoga, Turbo Kick) or ACE Group Fitness Certification, NASM, ASCA, ACSM and then we can train indoor cycling instructor and MX4  fitness program instructor 

How to Join a Fitness Class

  • Visit IM Leagues and create an account ( - Fitness Tab)
  • View the Fitness Class Schedule and select your date and time for a class

Fitness Classes Offered

  • MX4® is functional strength by performing weight-bearing exercises that reflect daily activities. This class combines strength training and cardio exercises for a comprehensive workout. This is an ideal class if you would like a full body, interval-based workout in only 45 minutes. The class will be different every time and use a variety of equipment to keep you engaged and progressing along your fitness journey
  • Indoor Cycling increases your cardiovascular endurance by pedaling in and out of the bike saddle. Participant will endure a variety of sprints, hills and intervals by adding resistance to the bike. This low-impact cardio class can be tailored to all fitness levels and for those looking to work up a good sweat. Arrive to this class 15 minutes early to receive a one-on-one bike fitting with your instructor. Please bring water bottle and towel to this class.
  • Turbo Kick® is a fat-blasting, ab-defining cardio exercise. Turbo kick teaches participants boxing moves such as kicks and punches. A typical turbo kick class usually features 45 minutes of cardiovascular work and 15 minutes of cooling down and strength conditioning.
  • Yoga This slow-paced and alignment-based practice focusing on breath, alignment, balance, strength and flexibility using a combination of gentle active stretches. Yoga is appropriate for anyone from the absolute beginner to the experienced yogi looking to bring an element of deep relaxation to their practice.
  • Zumba® includes high energy and motivating international music with unique moves and combinations that will make you forget it’s a workout. Ditch the workout and join the party!