Flag Football

As a popular alternative to tackle football, flag football is a team sport consisting of seven players on each side. Instead of tackling, players must remove the flag belt of their opponent in order to end a play. Fast-paced and unorthodox, flag football challenges players to think outside the box. 

Recreational League: fun and competitive. Men's, Women's and Co-ed leagues.

Intramural (High Octane) League: competitive play.

Mandatory Captain's Video and Quiz: online video and quiz must be completed by captain of each team before their first game.

  • Entries are first come first serve.
  • All participants must have an IUPUI Jag Tag and paid recreation fee for the fall semester.
  • For more information, call the Campus Recreation office at 274-2824.

For Rules, Schedule, Standing and Play-offs go to IMLeague

Team Members Information, Please read the following:

  • Team Captains

    Here at Campus Recreation we would like to first thank you for taking on the responsibility as a Team Captain for an Intramural or Recreational Sports Team. As a captain you are responsible for many aspects for participation, from communication to the conduct of players and fans associated with your team. Below are resources which will are important for you to know and understand for participation.

    At the completion of the "captains meeting" you will be required to take a short quiz, demonstrating that you understand the rules and regulations of the sports which you are participating.

    It is our goal here in Campus Recreation to better serve the students through new and exciting means of participation and communication. Please feel free to provide feedback and concerns the Coordinator of Intramural Sports.

    For the wavier and quiz, go to IMLeagues.

  • Sportsmanship Policy

  • Participant Handbook

Official's Corner