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Intramural Sports

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Intramural sports are a great way to enjoy participation through a variety of individual and team sports which provide an athletic outlet for the entire IUPUI community. In team sports, there are mulitple divisions including co-ed, men's, women's and faculty and staff leagues. The individual sports offer novice, intermediate and advanced league play. Campus Recreational activities are open to student, faculty and staff at IUPUI. All particpants must have paid the $15 dollar semester recreation fee to participate.

Sign-up for an Intramural Sport

Create your FREE account by opening and following the instructions in the imleague guide.

Once registered, each team must complete the mandatory captains' quiz for that sport.

Individuals looking to join a team as a FREE AGENT should also follow the imleagues guide on how to join a team

Arm Chair Sports

If you are looking for some thing a little different than flag football and soccer come join the obscure intramural sports like euchre, cornhole, washers, and horseshoes.Learn More »


Basketball has two leagues, recreational (women's, men's and co-ed) and intramural (men's only).
All entries are considered on a first-come, first served basis. There is a limited number of teams open to current students, faculty and staff who have paid the semester recreation fee and have a valid JagTag. Learn More »


Battleship is a wet and fun team challenge where you match skill, balance, creativity, and school pride in to an all-out water fight in the IU Natatorium. Teams will use buckets and other water throwing and blocking devices to sink an opposing team’s canoes while remaining afloat and being crowned the IUPUI Intramural Battleship Champion.  Sign up Now

Teams will consist of 3 maximum people per-canoe with a goal of sinking the other team’s canoes while staying afloat themselves. Come join the fun and get your canoe reserved as there is a limited number of teams which can compete in the first ever IUPUI Intramural Battleship Tournament! Learn More »


Taking the place of floor hockey, intramural broomball is a team sport played with 'brooms.' Come join the fun as we turn the Jungle into a broomball arena for a night!


Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, and Dodge! Intramural dodgeball is a team sport with six players competing to knock the opposing six out of the game. Catching one's ball or hitting one with a thrown ball will eliminate opponents, and take you to ultimate dodgeball glory. Come join the fun with an old playground favorite! Learn More »

Flag Football

As a popular alternative to tackle football, flag football is a team sport consisting of seven players on each side. Instead of tackling, players must remove the flag belt of their opponent in order to end a play. Fast-paced and unorthodox, flag football challenges players to think outside the box. Learn More »


Whether you are a scratch or bogey golfer the Intramural Golf Tournament is a great opportunity to have some fun on the links. Join us for a two man scramble style golf outing for students, faculty, and staff of IUPUI. Sign up as an individual or as a team! Learn More »

Inner Tube Water Polo

Inner tube water polo is a spinoff of the sport water polo, with participants having to compete while sitting in inflatable inner tubes. This allows for novice players to be able to experience the sport without the need of treading water and experience great physical contact. The game is played with seven (7) players per team, including a goalkeeper. The winner is determined by which team scores the most goals on the opposing team.


Kickball is a team sport made up of eight players. As a playground game, kickball resembles many of the rules you will see in baseball but with one exception, players use their foot rather than a bat. With no real equipment necessary besides an inflatable ball, this great game can be understood with ease. Learn More »


Racquetball is sport that can be played in three ways; Singles, Doubles, or Cut-Throat. Learn More »


Soccer is conventionally known as the world's most popular sport. Here at IUPUI it is among one of the most popular sports in intramurals. Played with 7 players per side, Intramural Soccer offers a recreational environment, where players from all levels can compete in different leagues. Learn More »


Slow Pitch Softball is a great way to have some fun with friends and classmates. With teams consisting of 10 players, softball is a great way to have some competitive fun. Don't worry if you cannot field a team we will help you find a team and make some new friends in the process. Learn More »

Ultimate Frisbee

In need of some fast-paced action out on the field? Ultimate Frisbee is your game. Played on a field similar to flag football, ultimate teams will have seven players in hopes of completing consecutive passes all the way to the opponent's endzone. Learn More »


Bump, Set, Spike...Come join the fun with intramural volleyball. Played with six (6) players on each team, this sport allows time for socialization and fitness among its participants. Teams compete using rally scoring to send the ball over the net and onto the floor on their opponents side of the net. Learn More »

Coming soon in the fall semester we will have outdoor sand volleyball intramural league play. Say tuned for more information.