Counseling & Psychological Services

Clinical Training & Internships
Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology

Internship Evaluation and Completion Requirements

  • Intern evaluation focuses on the stated profession-wide competencies/aims (i.e., demonstrated competence in intervention, assessment, ethics and legal standards, professional values/attitudes/behaviors, communication and interpersonal skills, supervision, consultation, and research).  At IUPUI CAPS, we value multicultural competence.  Therefore, interns receive extensive exposure to and training with diverse and complex clients. 
  • Interns are evaluated by their supervisors and through self-evaluation throughout the program. A written baseline evaluation is conducted in the fall (September/October) and at the end of each semester (late December and early May).  A final evaluation is completed at the end of the internship experience (July/August).
  • Evaluations are based on direct observation, video recordings, and through information obtained in supervision and professional activities. The purpose is to help the interns monitor their progress and to allow ample time and opportunity to modify their behavior and/or aims. The intern and the supervisor both review the evaluation and then sign off after feedback has been completed.
  • A summary of the evaluation feedback is sent to the Director of Training at the intern’s home institution in January.  A final summary and verification of experience is sent to the home institution upon successful completion of internship.  Throughout the year, we request that interns give feedback about their internship experience and the program. This information is disseminated to the Training Team and contributes to continual growth of the internship program.
  • To successfully complete the program, interns must receive satisfactory ratings on competencies listed on final evaluation and complete the following activities: formal therapy and testing presentations, outreach requirements including one formal outreach presentation to CAPS staff, supervision of supervision and assessment training series, intern project, professional development activities sponsored by the internship (e.g., retreats and joint trainings), activity logs, and all program evaluations and documentation.