Counseling & Psychological Services

Classroom Presentations & Integration

Student mental health is an academic initiative!

Mental health is essential for professional and personal success and research clearly indicates that utilization of college counseling services enhances academic persistence and graduation. At IUPUI, 57% of students using CAPS’ services indicate counseling helped improve their academic performance, and 50% said the services actually helped them to remain enrolled in school. In fact, students accessing IUPUI CAPS graduate at a rate 1.5x that of their peers.

Most students that come to IUPUI CAPS do so at the recommendation of a faculty/staff member or friend. Education, prevention, and early intervention are key elements to developing and maintaining mental health.

We ask your assistance in increasing student awareness of our services and to educating the campus community about mental health care.

Please consider adding the following information to your course syllabus:

During the semester, if you find that life stressors are interfering with your academic or personal success, consider contacting Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). All IUPUI students are eligible for individual counseling services at minimal fees. Group counseling services are free of charge. CAPS also performs evaluations for learning disorder, ADHD, and Autism; fees are charged for testing. CAPS is located in Walker Plaza, Room 220 (719 Indiana Avenue) and can be contacted by phone (317-274-2548). For more information, see the CAPS website.

And, please consider including the topic of mental health and wellness in your course content.