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Screening & Awareness Activities

Did you ever wonder if the number of days you feel sad is more than most people? Or if your fears and worries could be managed better?

Consider taking a few minutes out of your day to attend one of the CAPS mental health screening and awareness days:

  • Alcohol Screening - September
  • Depression Screening - October
  • Eating Attitude Screening - February
  • Anxiety Screening - April

Similar screening days are implemented at colleges all across the country, and in conjunction with the National College Mental Health Programs.

It takes just a few minutes to complete a screening questionnaire. CAPS counselors are available to review the results with you and answer any questions. If you don’t want to complete a questionnaire, but would like some information or have questions, stop in to talk to one of our staff or pick up some educational materials on a wide variety of topics.

Screening instruments are also available year-around through the web. You can go directly to the IUPUI site for Mental Health Screenings, or find additional specific screenings in our Information and Self-Screening section.

Instructors: Consider including CAPS screening days as a class assignment or extra credit opportunity to help students learn more about mental health and wellness.