Counseling & Psychological Services

Helping Others
Consultation Services

CAPS' clinical staff members are available to consult with faculty and staff regarding concerns about mental health issues in the campus community.

CAPS' consultants consist of licensed psychologists and licensed mental health counselors.

Members of the campus community are permitted to share information with other members of the university when there is “an educational need to know.” If you are concerned about a student’s safety, well-being, or mental health, this IS an educational need to know.

CAPS staff is bound by the legal and ethical mandates regarding confidentiality of protected heath information. Therefore, CAPS cannot confirm or deny if a student has made contact with our office. However, we can provide consultation and general information on how to address your particular concern.

Please call (317) 274-2548 to request consultation services.

IUPUI Behavioral Consultation Team (BCT)

The best approach to managing concerning behaviors is often a holistic one and that is the approach of the BCT.

At IUPUI, the BCT is designed for early intervention regarding behavioral issues to help support the health, safety, and success of the IUPUI community.

The Behavioral Consultation Team is a campus wide team that:

  • provides consultation,
  • makes recommendations for action, and
  • coordinates campus resources

For more information, visit