Counseling & Psychological Services

Helping Others
Suggesting Counseling

You are concerned about someone. You know they are going through a difficult time. You have tried to help. You don't know what else to say. Maybe it is time to recommend counseling? But how will they react? Follow a few simple guidelines and most people will respond well, and actually appreciate your concern.

How to Recommend Counseling
  • Speak directly in a straightforward fashion.
  • Do not attempt to coerce or trick the student in to seeking counseling.
  • Make it clear that the recommendation represents your best judgment based on observations of their recent behaviors.
  • Be specific regarding the behaviors that raise concerns.
  • Leave the option open for the person to accept or refuse counseling EXCEPT in emergencies (e.g. suicidal or homicidal intent).
  • If comfortable, ask the person's permission to contact CAPS or another mental health provider while he or she is present.
  • Offer to accompany the person to CAPS or another facility.
  • Let CAPS know if you consider the situation to be an emergency, and we can generally arrange for the person to be seen immediately.
  • Follow-up with the person at a later date to indicate a continued interest even if he or she did not accept the attempted referral.

REMEMBER...get involved within your comfort level and capacity to help.

Contact CAPS (317-274-2548) for consultation services or the Behavioral Consultation Team for additional support.

When Students Come to CAPS

Upon coming to the CAPS office, students are asked to complete a brief series of online forms (~20 minutes, only accessible at CAPS' Office), then scheduled for an initial intake session. Typically these sessions are scheduled within a week of the request; however, during times of high demand the wait may be longer. An assessment fee of $15 is charged at the time of the initial session. At that meeting, the student and the intake counselor will make decisions about the type of assistance needed and the most appropriate treatment approach.

Students requiring immediate assistance are seen the same day on an emergency basis. Emergency sessions are intended for those students experiencing suicidal thoughts, having difficulty completing typical daily tasks, or facing an acute stressor that threatens the life of self or others.

Students may review portions of the initial paperwork prior to coming to CAPS. These documents are available below.

Consultation Services
  • CAPS' clinical staff members are available to consult with faculty and staff regarding concerns about mental health issues in the campus community.
  • CAPS' consultants consist of licensed psychologists and licensed mental health counselors.
  • Please call (317) 274-2548 to request consultation services.