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What is Group Counseling?

In group counseling, 8 to 10 individuals meet with a trained group facilitator(s). Groups are often formed around a particular area of concern, such as depression, stress management, or communication/social skills. By interacting with other group members, each person has an opportunity to learn and practice new ways of thinking and behaving; it also provides members with an opportunity for learning more about the way they interact with others.

The first few sessions of a group usually focus on the establishment of trust to allow members to talk openly and honestly. Members are requested to keep the content of the group sessions confidential. What is said in group is to stay in the group.   

Group Video

This video was developed at Wright State University's Counseling and Wellness Services and is used on our website with their permission The video  provides some general information about group participation that may be helpful as you consider this therapy option.