Counseling & Psychological Services

Clinical Services
Relationship Counseling

Relationship counseling is available for two individuals wishing to address concerns between them.

Relationship counseling is appropriate for intimate or romantic couples at any stage in their relationship. At least one individual must be an IUPUI student. Concerns often addressed in relationship counseling include: conflict resolution, communication skills, pre-commitment counseling, and values or cultural differences.

After completing the initial paperwork, you and your counseling partner will be scheduled for an initial 90-minute intake interview. During this meeting, you will be asked to describe why you are seeking services. Questions about your current life situation and background will be asked in order to understand the unique aspects of your situation. You will also be asked to describe the history of your relationship and your current concerns. You will then be assigned a counselor to work with on an on-going basis.

Relationship counseling sessions are typically 50-minutes in length. A charge of $30 per session is assessed and these services are not eligible for fee adjustments.

During times of high clinical demand, CAPS may defer requests for relationship counseling and provide a list of community based resources. Please contact CAPS front desk (317-274-2548) to inquire about current relationship counseling availability.

Relationship Workshop
CAPS offers relationship workshops during the fall and spring semesters. The workshops include information and experiential activities designed to help couples explore, reconnect, and strengthen their relationship.
At least one member of the couple must be an IUPUI student. Workshops are open to all students, and do not require participation in CAPS clinical services. Workshops are FREE of charge; however, registration is REQUIRED.