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Substance Abuse Assessment

Substance use is often pictured with parties and celebrations…but substance use can have significant negative consequences as well. Excessive alcohol use is a major cause of disease, injuries, violent crime, lost productivity at work and school as well as family and social problems. Alcohol abuse and dependence result in 100,000 deaths per year in the United States.

Some substance abuse issues can be addressed through individual counseling services and questions about your substance use will be asked during the counseling intake session. If we determine that your level of substance use is beyond the scope of our services, we will assist you with recommendations and referrals for treatment.

Some situations require a formal assessment of substance use. Such evaluations typically involve 3-4 meetings with a counselor and one session in which paper and pencil questionnaires are completed.

IUPUI CAPS does not perform court-ordered assessment or mandated treatment for substance abuse issues.

IUPUI CAPS does offer substance abuse assessment and psychoeducational services for students referred by the Dean of Students Office or other campus unit (e.g., Housing and Residence Life, Athletics). The cost of a formal substance abuse assessment is $200.

Initial self-assessments for substance abuse can be found on the Drug and Alcohol page under Information and Self-Screening.