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Students in Recovery of Indianapolis (SIRI) began as a student organization for addiction recovery support and advocacy at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) on October 9, 2014. Since then, SIRI has grown to become a suite of support services and opportunities for all students interested in mental health and addiction recovery, including advocates, allies, and other supporters.

Position Name Contact
Program Assistant Matt Kroll e-mail
Staff Advisor Eric Teske e-mail
Recovery Coach / Consultant Matt Sonneborn e-mail

Scope: Anyone who deals with issues of addiction and addictive tendencies can benefit from the interpersonal and organizational support provided by a collegiate recovery community. While these services are typically associated with recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, we believe our organization can accommodate anyone who uses the language of addiction to describe their struggle.

Vision: The organization strives to promote advocacy through education and awareness in hopes of reducing the stigma associated with addiction and creating a safe, supportive social environment that allows students to develop personally and professionally in pursuit of academic success and professionalism.

Objectives: In order to achieve this vision, our organization will coordinate student-led outreach and leadership opportunities that engage students within the recovery community and broader student body. These opportunities include presentations, events, lectures and panels that increase knowledge and awareness while dispelling myths about addiction and recovery. Additionally, students participating in group support meetings, service projects and sober social activities will develop life skills and a sense of fellowship that will enrich their college experience.

Our organization will create an atmosphere of safety and support for students in need while educating others about the importance of changing the culture of addiction so that no one struggling has to feel alienated or unheard. Our organization will not only provide support and relief for students in recovery, but also support academic success and professionalism. Our combined efforts will build awareness of recovery related issues, help to reduce the stigma on campus, and encourage university administrators to increase support of this unique population.