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Recovery Support Meetings

Spring 2017

Weekly meetings for Spring 2017 are on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30pm in CE 370 conference room. Meeting format alternates between planning and development/support seminars. Drop-ins welcome! Regardless of the week, if you have a burning desire, we can spend some time discussing any special topics.

The Office of Health and Wellness Promotion hosts weekly addiction recovery meetings on campus that alternate between planning meetings and developmental/support meetings. While there are a number of community resources and 12-step programs in Indianapolis, this meeting offers a convenient on-campus location and is not affiliated with any particular 12-step, clinical, or religious program. Meetings are also open to recovery allies, friends, and family.

Meeting Time and Location

Weekly meetings are held in the IUPUI Campus Center on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30pm in suite 370 conference room.

Meeting Format

The meeting is a semi-strucutred opportunity to check-in and answer the question "How are things going this week?" The support meeting is not the same thing as group counseling. Visit the CAPS website for more information on group counseling and other psychological services avaialble to students. The meeting is driven by peer sharing, and is facilitated by a Recovery Coach. Planning meetings are led by the student Program Assistant.

Who can attend the support meeting?

The meeting does not focus exclusively on alcohol and other drugs. Anyone who deals with issues of addiction and addictive tendencies can benefit from the interpersonal support provided by the meetings. We believe the program can accommodate anyone who uses the language of addiction to describe their challenges, keeping in mind that the meeting provides social support and is not a form of treatment or counseling. Recovery allies, friends, and guests are welcome to join.

We respect confidentiality

While we cannot gaurentee anonymity in this non-clinical student-led space, we respect confidentiality and ask all attendees to keep participants' information and stories private. We do not require students to sign in or provide any identifying information to participate.

Can I observe a meeting?

You do not have to be in recovery yourself to attend a meeting. But, rather than sitting back and obseving, we encourage you to share your interest in recovery by giving input during the planning meetings and engaging in discussion during developmental/support meetings. After all, no one is ever done growing and improving their own life. These meetings will probably not satisfy requirements if you have been instructed to attend an AA meeting for a class assignment or court order.

Other accomodations

We provide light snacks at meetings, and we'll post to social media if we're planning something more substantial like a dinner or social outing.