Health & Wellness Promotion

Alcohol & Other Drug Education

Required Course for Incoming Students

MyStudentBody required online course for incoming undergraduate students

IUPUI has joined many top schools in the country by adopting MyStudentBody (One.IU) as a component of our alcohol education and sexual assault prevention initiatives. To ensure your health and safety, and the safety of your new campus community, it is important that you understand the risks associated with alcohol and drug use, the components of sober consent, and the role we all play in preventing sexual assault.

MyStudentBody Essentials is required for all incoming undergraduate students, including transfer students and international students.

If you experience difficulties with MyStudentBody, click the ‘Site Help’ link at the bottom of the page. If your issue is not resolved, or if you have campus-specific questions, please contact your MyStudentBody Administrator at or visit the IU Knowledge Base.

Low Risk Choices are Normal at IUPUI

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Addiction Recovery Support Website

Learn more about Students in Recovery of Indianapolis (SIRI) and recovery support services at IUPUI in a new section of the website devoted to Addiction Recovery Support.

Students in recovery event in Bloomington

Above: Students from IUPUI and IU-Bloomington at a National Recovery Month event in Bloomington, IN.