Health & Wellness Promotion


Jag Fit! is a program promoting and providing education on how to make healthier life choices. We hope to motivate students to make positive lifestyle choices and to create an overall healthier campus community. We will be there for you along your journey to a healthier YOU, answering questions and addressing concerns.

What is Jag Fit! All About

  • A FREE fitness program educating students on making healthier lifestyle choices
  • Once you register and complete necessary forms- start tracking your fitness activities.
  • Initial measurements of where you are in respect to your goal.
  • Monthly opportunities, Goal Meet Ups, for you to come in and re-measure how far you have come and whether or not you have reached your goal.
  • With each monthly measurement there will be a new health topic.

Why Join JagFit!

Right Now is the perfect time to begin making healthier lifestyle choices. Begin your journey with us, we will help educate, motivate, and succeed. Every step you take toward making healthier choices earns you POINTS. With these points, you can earn various PRIZES

Earn points by doing the following:

  • Turning in initial assessment forms and completing pre and post test
  • Setting your smart goals 
  • Extra bonus for attending in person the monthly LIVE Goal Meet Ups
  • Being ACTIVE, such as:
    • Participating in intramurals or group fitness classes offered through Campus Recreation
    • Tracking physical activity done on your own
    • Attending an IUPUI Health and Wellness presentation, program, or event
    • Running or walking a 5K; Volunteering for a 5K
    • Participating in a service event that involves physical activity
  • Basically, anything you do that involves making healthier choices, can earn points!
  • Check out the Tracking Point Info Sheet 

JagFit! is sponsored by the Office of Health and Wellness Promotion within the Division of Student Affairs.

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