Health & Wellness Promotion

JagNation: A Culture of Care
Executive Committee

The JagNation Executive Committee is comprised of highly dedicated student volunteers who have already participated in JagNation Ambassador Training. These students serve as leaders and coordinate JagNation initiatives.

Plan monthly projects - Executive Committee members plan monthly projects, stunts, and initiatives that are carried out by the JagNation Ambassadors and other students on campus.

Each month, the Executive Committee meets to come up with a special project for the next month. These projects, stunts, or initiatives highlight the three pillars of JagNation: Random acts of kindness, bystander intervention, and school spirit. Examples of monthly projects could be as elaborate as a campus-wide Positive Post-It Day, or as simple as choosing a day to take a friend out for coffee.

The Executive Committee then calls a meeting with Ambassadors, or emails relevant details about the project. Ambassadors, or others interested in participating can feel a part of something bigger, even if the initiative is carried out on an individual level.

Review Spot Funding proposals - Executive Committee members review proposals for Culture of Care Spot Funding, ultimately deciding whether these funding requests will be approved or denied.