Health & Wellness Promotion

JagNation: A Culture of Care

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to step in and help - but didn't? You are not alone! Most people want to help, and to do the right thing, but sometimes social barriers and ambiguous situations get in the way. As a student-led, staff supported campaign, JagNation: A Culture of Care is focused on creating a safe and positive campus climate at IUPUI through acts of kindness, bystander intervention, and school spirit.

We're not looking for a superhero in a cape to swoop in and save the day. Sometimes small actions can prevent big problems. Share kindness, share respect, and pay it forward on a daily basis!

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News: IUPUI Receives NCAA CHOICES Grant for JagNation "Winning CHOICES" Proposal

NCAA Choices logoAs a collaboration between the Division of Student Affairs and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, IUPUI was selected to receive the 2014 NCAA CHOICES Alcohol Education Grant to equip students with the knowledge, desire and confidence to make legal and low-risk choices about their alcohol use, and to create a positive, supportive, and healthy campus culture that reinforces and sustains low-risk choices.

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News: Governor Pence Signs Lifeline Law Expansion

The Indiana Lifeline Law provides immunity from underage drinking and public intoxication laws for individuals and groups who call the police in response to a crime, sexual offense, or health emergency. Previously, the law only provided immunity when reporting alcohol-related health emergencies. The expansion also grants new considerations for the victims of alcohol emergencies who receive a call on their behalf.

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