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JagNation Ambassador Training
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Learn to embody the Culture of Care philosophy with our newly expanded two-tier intimate small group training sessions. Formally acquire the skills and recognition that bring JagNation to life.

Would you like to volunteer?  Tier 1 Ambassador Training is a 2-- 90 minute interactive seminar built around bystander intervention, harm reduction and self-empowerment. Content focus includes respect, sexual wellness, as well as alcohol and other drugs shown through icebreakers, scenario practice, discussions on social barriers to intervention, and personal reflections. Think outside yourself and connect with others on a new level.

Are you committed?  Level Up! Tier 2 Ambassador Training is distinguished for senior level ambassadors.  This yearly 90 minute interactive seminar is designed to refresh Tier 1 ambassadors with expanded topics, current events, and leadership opportunities.  Completion of ambassador requirements provide élite privileges and are tracked through Ambassador Wellness cards.  Participants who complete the two-tier Ambassador Trainings receive exclusive ambassador pin, sign their name in the JagNation archives, and acknowledgment on our website.

The classroom workshop 50 minute training can be requested for organizations and works best in groups of 25 or less (e.g. officer training, or series of training times rather than large organizations at once).  While classroom workshops no longer qualify students as ambassadors, students are encouraged to participate in Tier 1 training to join the movement as a committed JagNation Ambassador.

Past Ambassadors participate in Spring 2017 Level Up training and be grandfathered as a Senior Level ambassador. 

Starting Fall 2017, the newly expanded Tier 1 Ambassador training and classroom workshops will be available.

Public sessions are limited to 12 participants each. Please register to reserve your spot at a training session that fits your schedule:

Use the online request form to schedule special training sessions for your organization.

  • Tuesday, April 11,2017 @ 5:30pm-7pm in CE 360
  • Wednesday, April 12, 2017 @ 1pm-2:30pm in CE 360
  • Fall Dates for new Ambassadors Semester dates coming soon!

JagNation Ambassador Training is not part of a student organization in and of itself, but a voluntary training program that can be requested and facilitated to small groups all over campus. Existing student groups may elect to undergo the training together, or individuals can sign up for periodic public training sessions. JagNation Ambassador is not a service position, ambassadors are a distinguished group of students who bring the mission of JagNation to the community.

Join the ranks of JagNation Ambassadors making a difference at IUPUI and beyond.

Previous ambassadors, your name belongs here.  Register today, recommit in an upcoming training and let’s move forward!