Health & Wellness Promotion

JagNation: A Culture of Care
Spot Funding

Do you have a great idea that would make campus a little better? A little friendlier? A little more spirited? We can help get your idea off the ground with Culture of Care Spot Funding.

The purpose of Culture of Care Spot Funding is to provide resources for students or student groups to turn their ideas into reality by coordinating events, programs, or campaigns that promote a culture of care at IUPUI.

What Are the Requirements?

Written proposals must be submitted and include a description of the activities, expected outcomes, a budget, and criteria for measuring success. After initial screening, students will be asked to present their proposal to a panel of their peers and Health & Wellness Promotion staff. Proposals will be funded for up to one semester, with an opportunity to renew.

The maximum funding request is $250 per project. Projects more than $100 will include an in-person presentation to "pitch" your idea to the committee, while projects $100 or less will be streamlined so no additional paperwork or presentations are required beyond the original request form.

Application Requirements:

  • Applicants must complete all sections of the funding request form. Incomplete forms will not be considered for funding.
  • Applications must be TYPED.
  • You may add additional pages if you require more space.
  • Projects must be completed in the semester for which they are approved.
  • Approved expenses will be paid directly by the Office of Health and Wellness Promotion. No monies will be disbursed to or received by individuals or organizations.
  • All projects must be open to the entire IUPUI student population.

Project Scope

Funding requests may be in any amount up to a maximum of $250 per project per semester. Use your imagination, and submit your best ideas! Projects can be spread out over multiple dates, or single events.

You can coordinate your own project, submit proposals in teams or small groups, or submit proposals on behalf of a student organization.

Application Procedure - Download the Form

Return your typed and signed form to Eric Teske at or Campus Center 270. Your proposal will be screened by Health and Wellness Promotion Staff, given to the student committee, scored with a rubric by 3 or more committee members, and (if >$100) an in-person presentation will be scheduled.

Possible review outcomes are:

  • Approved (they loved it, let's get started!)
  • Approved pending modifications (change some details but overall great idea)
  • Denied (either the idea isn't a good fit for the program or doesn't meet criteria)

Sample Projects

TKE appreciation dayTKE Appreciation Day - The men of Tau Kappa Epsilon requested funds to expand the reach of their TKE Appreciation Day event, which surprises people across campus with red carnations as a token of appreciation for their hard work, and as a random act of kindness to brighten someone's day. Their funding request for additional supplies was approved in the amount of $250.