Health & Wellness Promotion

JagNation: A Culture of Care
The Three Pillars

As a student-led, staff supported campaign, JagNation: A Culture of Care is focused on creating a safe and positive campus climate at IUPUI through bystander intervention, acts of kindness, and school spirit. JagNation: A Culture of Care empowers students to support each other as a community, and equips students with the courage and skills to take action when necessary.

JagNation creates a safe and positive campus climate by empowering bystanders to “step up” to prevent alcohol poisoning, sexual assault, hazing, and discrimination. JagNation uplifts the campus through acts of kindness and school spirit to create a positive, welcoming environment.

Bystander Intervention

A bystander is someone who sees a situation but may or may not know what to do, may think others will act, or may be afraid to do something. In addition to being a fun community-building campaign, JagNation equips students with the skills and confidence to intervene to help prevent things like violence, discrimination, hazing, and alcohol abuse.

To get more involved, students can participate in JagNation Ambassador training to learn different ways bystanders can help, and ways to keep themselves and their friends safe while watching out for others.

Random Acts of Kindness

A little kindness goes a long way toward brightening someone's day, or just making them feel welcome. JagNation is a culture of care demonstrated through daily acts of kindness and willingness to help those around us. Together, we create a community where everyone feels safe and included, making IUPUI a better community to live, learn and grow.

School Spirit

JagNation celebrates school spirit as a way to bring us together, to help us feel connected, and to inspire us to create a community we are proud of. By uniting toward a common goal, and celebrating our pride, we can foster new connections with friends, traditions, and the campus itself.