Health & Wellness Promotion

Mental Health Awareness
Lifesaver Mental Health Series

The Lifesaver Mental Health Mini-Series is offered so students can gain more comprehensive information around mental health. This program was developed to promote a comprehensive approach to mental health promotion. The various workshops cover topics such as an overview of mental health, illnesses and symptoms, ways to reduce stigma, how to help oneself or a friend with mental illness, and understanding the importance of resilience. Each workshop is co-facilitated by a staff member from IUPUI CAPS. For upcoming dates, please visit the Events Calendar.

Workshops offered will include:
  • Understanding Mental Health
  • QPR Suicide Prevention Training
  • Shattering the Stigma
  • Cultivating Resilience

By participating in the Lifesaver Mental Health Mini-Series, students will be able to:

  • Increase basic knowledge of mental health and its overall impact to wellbeing.
  • Increase help-seeking behavior.
  • Reduce perception of stigma related to mental health.
  • Increase awareness about campus and community resources about mental health and wellness.
  • Develop life skills in conjunction with resiliency and mental health.
  • Advocate for college students to become aware about their personal values around mental health and stigma.