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Meet the Peer Educators

Hello my name is Maddie Burger. I am a second year Kinesiology graduate student within PETM and I am obtaining a certificate in Public Health as well. I went to Hanover College and received my BA in Kinesiology Integrative Physiology. Currently, I am in my second year with assisting Healthy IU with their employee wellness programs. In my spare time I love to workout, practice yoga, play with my poodle Bohdi and watch The Office. I am very excited to have this opportunity of being a peer educator because it is my aspiration to one day work within a university setting to promote wellness. I truly believe that teaching the values of a holistic well-being creates a source of fulfillment for a happier enriched life. My interests include incorporating daily physical activity to improve cognitive function within young adults and using leisure activity during the work day to improve productivity. 

This is her first semester as a Peer Educator.