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Peer Educators
Meet the Peer Educators

My name is Dilpreet Kaur and I am a senior at IUPUI majoring in psychology, with a minor in health education. My future career plan is going into nursing school and get my BSN degree at IUPUI. My passion is to become a neonatal nurse in the near future. Currently I’m working two jobs. The first one is that I’m a pharmacy technician at CVS and then a caregiver in a nursing home. I love what I do and enjoy making people's lives’ more enriched and satisfied. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to become a peer educator and is a great learning experience for me.  My goal as a peer educator is to promote practicing healthy habits, live a healthier lifestyle, and make positive healthy decisions. I’m looking forward to a great year ahead as a peer educator. 

This is her first semester as a Peer Educator.