Health & Wellness Promotion

Sexual Health Education
Condom Club

The Condom Club is a quick and easy way for students to gain accurate and useful sexual health information in under ten minutes! The fast-paced and flexible model of the Condom Club makes it convenient for even the busiest students to stop by in between classes.

Benefit to Students
Those who become Condom Club certified will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to discuss sexual health and make healthy and responsible choices regarding sexual activity. In addition, students can get their sexual health questions answered by a Health and Wellness Peer Educator including information on testing, contraceptives, and safer sex tips.

Member Perks
Certified members will have access to a free, unlimited supply of:

  • Specialty condoms (i.e. studded, ribbed, ultra-sensitive)
  • Variety of lubricants (i.e. warming, cooling, sensation)

They will also have available:

  • Educational brochures and handouts
  • Opportunity to attend the Sexpert Mini Series

By becoming certified Condom Club members, students should be able to:

  • Describe the steps to using a condom correctly.
  • Demonstrate how to put on a condom properly.
  • Explain how to promote safety, respect, awareness, and acceptance.
  • Explain how to access local STD and HIV testing and treatment services.
  • Advocate for sexually active young adults to get STD/HIV Testing and treatment.