Student Health

Payment and Insurance


We understand that cost can be an issue.  IUPUI does not have a mandatory health fee, but we receive some General Fee funding from the Division of Student Affairs. This funding allows us to keep our fees lower than other healthcare providers in the area.  We are mindful about providing services at the lowest cost to you. Our providers will work with you to make sure your health care is as cost effective as medically appropriate. 

Please note that outside labs (labs sent to IU Health or South Bend laboratories), medications, and some procedures require a fee in addition to the office charge to see a provider (physician or nurse practitioner).

For your convenience, we offer certain in-house labs at no additional cost to students.

These in-house labs include:

  • rapid pregnancy,
  • rapid strep throat tests,
  • rapid mono,
  • lipid panels (at the Campus Center location),
  • rapid HIV.

If labs are sent out and covered by your policy, they can be billed to your health insurance. We need a copy of your insurance card to send with your lab order.  If you do not have health insurance, both of the lab companies we utilize offer substantial self-pay discounts.

Your provider may write a prescription for medication. You should use your insurance to pay for prescriptions. We carry a few low-cost, generic medications on site. Clinic medications cannot be billed to insurance.

If you need an x-ray, you will be directed to Eskenazi Hospital, University Hospital or CDI.  You should use your insurance if you need an x-ray or other diagnostic test. 

Payment can be made via cash, credit card, check or Jagtag. Credit cards accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Health Insurance

In a recent survey, 90% of IUPUI students indicated they have health insurance.  In order to provide the best value to our patients, we are part of the following insurance networks:

  • Anthem
  • Aetna (university sponsored student insurance plans),
  • Cigna,
  • Humana,
  • Sagamore,
  • United Healthcare 

We are in-network with the plans carried by ~75% of IUPUI students.  Please bring your insurance card when you come to the clinic.  We will copy it and bill your insurer (in-network only). You are responsible for your co-pay and any balance remaining after your insurer has paid the claim.

Student Health has a limited ability to help students in financial difficulty to pay for care.  If you need assistance with your bill, please mark the appropriate line on the consent form or send an email to our