Student Health

TB Testing
Need a TB (Tuberculosis) Test?

International students (non-healthcare majors) need tuberculosis screening at the beginning of your IUPUI academic career. Complete your screening by October 1 or you will not be able to register for the spring semester until your screening is done.

If you have a history of a BCG vaccine, you may need a blood test instead of a TB skin test. If you have had negative skin tests in the past, you can have a skin test.
Annual TB skin tests for healthcare students are free and can be done as a walk-in nursing appointment at Campus Center Student Health or at Campus Health in Coleman Hall.  

Please note: if you forget to return for the reading, the 2nd skin test will cost $18.
We can explain what test is best for you.

Your TB skin test documentation must include time of placement and time of reading to be acceptable!

Common questions about TB testing:
  • I am a new healthcare student. I thought TB testing was annual. Why do I have to have 2 separate TB skin tests?

    All new healthcare students must have a 2-step TB test. The 2nd test cannot be placed sooner than 7 days after the initial skin test. This is important as it allows for the 'booster' phenomenon. The 2nd test “boosts” the immune system and can reveal an actual positive test when the initial test was negative. This is particularly important in new healthcare students who may have had a delay between initial exposure and the actual testing. The 2-step method is only required the first year; subsequent years will require only annual single-step testing.

    If a new healthcare student has already been working in a healthcare field and you have had a TB skin test within the past 18 months prior to matriculation (enrollment), that test may count as your step 1. You are still required to have a 2nd TB test. 

  • What if I've had a positive TB test in the past?

    You need to supply us with your Chest X-ray report (in English), and medical documentation, if any, of your treatment regimen including length of treatment. You will need to fill out an annual TB questionnaire for your annual surveillance. 

  • What is the BCG vaccine and what if I've had it?

    Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) is a vaccine for Tuberculosis (TB). It is not commonly given in the U.S. It is given in countries with a high TB rates. If you have received this vaccine, we may recommend that you obtain a blood test (Quantiferon Gold or Tspot) instead of a TB skin test (TST).