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Abby Volpenhein

At IUPUI I am involved in Hall Council and Sigma Kappa. During my freshman year I lived at Ball Hall and joined the Hall Council to plan events and help make Ball Hall a better community. It really helped me feel at home, grow as a leader, and meet everyone in my residence hall! I also am heavily involved in my sorority, Sigma Kappa. I was just elected as Public Relations chair in which I get to make apparel and make connections with other organizations. Sigma Kappa has helped me grow as a leader, manage time, and network with alumni, parents, professors, and other students. We asked Abby If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be? If I could be a superhero I would want my super powers to be time traveling. It would be nice to get to places faster than driving. I live 2 hours away from home and can’t go home very much because of my busy schedule. Being able to travel home for short periods of time faster would be beneficial.”