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He is a junior, majoring in Civic Leadership. Chaz came to JagVenture two years ago, as a freshman, returned last year as a student leader. He is now, a Student Transition Specialist with Educational Partnerships and Student Advocacy, and he is involved with the Undergraduate Student Government and the Leadership Consultants. He has previously been involved with University College Student Council, Residence Hall Association, and Park Place Hall Council. His advice for incoming students is this, “Always ask questions, and be fearless, at least to the extent that you can be. College is a huge transition that no one makes flawlessly, and you will be faced with a lot of choices, some life changing, so when you see the opportunity to improve yourself, take it, because every moment matters, so make this one yours”. He believes that students should participate in JagVenture because “It is an amazing experience, it truly is. When you first show up, you will be spending time with people you have never met, working with leaders who are way too excited to be there, and by the end of the weekend you will understand why. Those strangers will become friends, those leaders will become mentors, and JagVenture will become a great memory. For it will be your first official weekend as a college student.”