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She is a junior studying International Studies, Medical Humanities, and Public Health. She has been involved in the African Student Association, the Latino Association, the Muslim Student Association, the Undergraduate Student Government, Tommy Global Health, University College Student Council, Liberal Arts Student Council, Model United Nations, and the Medical Humanities Student Interest Group. Which goes to show, you really can do it all! Even with her involvement, her advice to incoming students is “Remember that college is first and foremost an academic endeavor. Getting involved in clubs is important, but shouldn’t be priority.” If there was a news story of her life it would be, “Being Hadya(toullaye) Sow: Changing Places, Navigating Spaces, and Putting Smiles on Faces”. We also asked her the very important question of, if you won a $20 million lottery, what would you do with the money? “If I won $20 million in the lottery, I would give some of it to my family, open a few orphanages, and travel the world. (Shop is an obvious answer, right?)”