Student Success Programs

Get Involved

A sophomore, who is majoring in Biochemistry. He is involved with a couple of student organizations around campus. Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity is a big part of his involvement. “I like the fact that the Greek life at IUPUI is different from other campuses but still emphasizes brotherhood/sisterhood, community service and philanthropy, and academic success.” He is also a newly elected University Student Government senator for the Honors College Student Council. The Life-Health Sciences Internship is another program he is taking part in. He participated heavily in JagNation and University College Student Council as well. When we asked him why students should participate in JagVenture he said, “New students should participate in JagVenture for a couple reasons. The main reason is to have a great time and meet new people who are entering into IUPUI as well. College is a chance for incoming freshman to get a fresh start, and JagVenture is the testing grounds and first interaction with other college students. Lastly, this program will open the students’ eyes to their own specific strengths and how they can play on them throughout their collegiate career”.