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A sophomore majoring in English and minoring in Theatre. She is the new Public Relations officer for UCSC.  She has recently joined the Performing Arts club at IUPUI as well as College Democrats and she was also an actor in this year’s Tunnel of Oppression in skits involving the topics of religion and domestic violence. Her advice to future JagVenture members is “Don’t be afraid to change.  Of course things will change around you, but don’t shy away from things changing in you.  You’ll develop new opinions and new feelings for all different things.  Don’t be scared because it just means that you’re opening your mind to new possibilities and that you are gaining a deeper understanding of life.  Trust yourself and what you know, and everything will work out!” We asked her if you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be? She said, “I would love the power to help anyone with anything.  That would be super awesome!  For example, ‘Oh, your shoes are broken… ZAP! New shoes!’”