Student Success Programs

Get Involved

A sophomore studying Anthropology. She loves helping her friends and other classmates by leading study groups on campus. First semester she joined the University College Student Council (UCSC). She said, “I love trying new things and going to try different clubs and events on campus as well. I am also getting involved by joining this camp as a counselor this year!” Her advice to incoming students is “Be prepared to really be responsible for all of your decisions. No more messing around. College is hard but the end result is determined by how you react to the circumstances you are now given in college.” When we asked her why she thinks new students should participate in JagVenture, she said “It is so much fun! We do many engaging and fun activities that bring you closer to your peers, and help you make lasting friendships while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Team building activities help you learn your strengths and weaknesses, physically and mentally, while your peers are around helping you improve these and overcome challenges! You learn so much about friendships, yourself, as well as what to look forward to when your next chapter begins: college-life. You gain a good support group to help you throughout your college career.”