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Get Involved

Melissa Cardenas

A sophomore majoring in Visual Communication Design. She is involved in the Catholic Student Council (CSO), the Treasurer of the University College Student Council, and she is an Active Student Artist at the Herron School of Art and Design. Her advice to students is “Get involved! If your high school BFFs left you for another college, then you have no choice but to start over and make friends again. The easiest way to make friends is to join a club or organization. You’ll be surrounded by people who have similar interests! Plus, you can brag about it on your resume. There’s bound to be a club you like. Don’t be a hermit, get out there and conquer!” We asked Melissa what she would share with future students, and she said when you go to JagVenture you should expect the following, “Three days with no cell phone service and forced to bond with complete strangers and mosquitos? That was my first thought when I heard about JagVenture. The only reason I went was because I’m a camper and there was going to be zip lining. But, JagVenture was way more than that. If you’re worried about being the odd one out, don’t be. The amount of icebreakers that occur guarantees you instant friendships. JagVenture is perfect for any incoming student who is worried about not knowing anybody on campus. During those three days, you will unleash your inner leader and realize how awesome you are. The JagVenture leaders are awesome and will help you transition into the college life. It will be one of the most fun weekends of your summer.”