Student Success Programs

Weeks of Welcome

Since its beginning in 2003, Weeks of Welcome (WOW) has been a standing tradition at IUPUI.  WOW is a campus-wide series of events designed to welcome first year, transfer, and returning students to IUPUI. The calendar of events spans the first few weeks of the fall semester. Coordinated by the Office of Educational Partnerships and Student Success, support and programming for WOW includes student organizations, offices and departments from across campus, and the Division of Student Affairs.  WOW provides a variety of program options for students to participate including educational activities, service learning opportunities, leadership development, diversity programming, and social events. The types of events range from information fairs to artistic productions.  WOW is a way for students to engage with peers, as well as learn about the IUPUI and Indianapolis communities. Weeks of Welcome is designed to bring together the campus community and generate engagement and energy for the beginning of the school year and the Jaguar experience.

The Weeks of Welcome (WOW) Student Steering Committee serves as the student voice and liaison to develop, promote and plan WOW. These positions will work together to create an encompassing and engaging WOW experience. They will be asked to develop new ideas, implement programs and take Weeks of Welcome to the next level. Students with a passion for IUPUI and creating a welcoming experience for our campus community are encouraged to apply. Students that apply will be awarded a $500 scholarship for their active involvement on the WOW Student Steering Committee. 
Apply to be a member of the student steering committee
  • In good academic standing at IUPUI
  • In good judicial standing at IUPUI
  • Have participated in, volunteered at, or attended Weeks of Welcome events
  • Available hours spring and summer 2017
  • Attend weekly student committee meetings
  • Attend required retreats and trainings

All students chosen for the WOW Student Steering Committee will be representing IUPUI and must maintain professionalism, commitment, and integrity.

Benefits of Applying:

  • You will impact the campus community by creating a welcoming environment for IUPUI students.
  • You will be able to leave your mark on the IUPUI community.
  • You will be part of the longest tradition on campus.
  • You will learn new skills by developing and implementing initiatives and programs.
  • You will gain new knowledge that will be helpful in your career.
  • You will get lots of free t-shirts.
  • You will be part of a team that values enhancing the IUPUI student experience.  
  • WOW Student Steering Committee Chairs (2 positions)

    The committee chairs would provide leadership and guidance to the WOW student steering committee, along with a liaison between student and staff committees. These two individuals would be selected at Student Transition Specialists in the Office of Educational Partnerships and Student Success. The committee chairs will hold bi-weekly summer meetings with student committee members. They will be responsible for agendas, follow-up and communication with other committee members. 

  • Traditions Lead

    This position will work with integrating campus pride and tradition into Weeks of Welcome. One of their main responsibilities will be to assist in the planning and implementation of the 3rd Annual Field Day event.  This position will work closely with the Field Day Planning Committee as well. 

  • Spirit & Pride Lead

    This position will be responsible for enhancing IUPUI spirit and considering opportunities to implement pride initiatives into new and existing WOW programs. Focus on energy, engagement, and Jaguar pride. A goal of this position is to develop opportunities to build Jaguar Pride throughout WOW as well as during individual events. 

  • Digital Communications Lead

    This position works to market Weeks of Welcome to the IUPUI campus community. This includes working with IU Communication on developing a social media strategy and implementing innovative marketing techniques. This position will work in tandem with Marketing & Design Lead.

  • Marketing and Design Lead

    This position will work to develop the WOW schedule, streamline marketing efforts among departments and create new initiatives to engage the campus community. This position will develop a marketing plan to include promotional items, comprehensive campus presence and intentional marketing touch points. This position will work in tandem with the Digital Communications Lead.

  • Late Night and Weekend Programs Lead

    This position works with campus partners to plan and implement late night and weekend programs to provide alternative programs during the first three weeks of school. This individual will be responsible for coordinating efforts to determine student interests and appropriate programs to meet those needs. 

  • Student Inclusion Lead, Focus: Multicultural Identity Inclusion

    This position works to create a WOW experience for multicultural identities. This individual works to ensure student voices of marginalized identities are heard and supported through Weeks of Welcome and will work closely with staff from particular offices. In addition, this position will create resources to create open communication, programs and initiatives to develop a welcome and inclusive campus community. 

  • Student Inclusion Lead, Focus: Non-traditional Experience

    This position works to include and communicate with special populations on campus, including transfer, graduates, veterans and adult learners. This individual works to ensure voices of student populations are heard and supported through Weeks of Welcome and will work closely with staff from particular offices. A goal of this position is to collaborate with specific offices to begin initiatives for inclusion and implement pride among these populations. This position works to ensure that non-traditional students are provided with resources and opportunities to connect with the IUPUI community. 

  • Campus Partners Lead

    This position works to develop campus-wide partnerships to encourage engagement and support for Weeks of Welcome. These campus partners include, but are not limited to, Athletics, Academic Schools, Auxiliary Services, etc. This initiative will work to include faculty support and engagement within WOW.   

  • External Relations Lead

    This position works to build partnerships and develop sponsorships within the Indianapolis community. This individual will work to develop ways that WOW can incorporate the community through service, excursions and exposure. This position serves to create opportunities for students to explore the surrounding Indianapolis community and be positive and engaged citizens. 

  • Sophomore Experience Lead

    This position works to develop programs, marketing and support for sophomore students. This could lead to separate initiatives to welcome sophomores back to campus. This position is crucial to helping students succeed as they return to IUPUI and connect with other Jaguars on campus. 

Learning Outcomes:

Students participating in the 2017 Weeks of Welcome Student Steering Committee will develop skills in the follow areas of the Principles of Co-Curricular Learning:

  • Core Communication- Students will demonstrate the ability to articulate ideas, participate in conversations and communicate with stakeholders through verbal and written communication.
  • Critical Thinking- Students will demonstrate the ability to navigate programs and consider multiple perspectives before making a decision.
  • Understanding Society and Culture- Students will consider the IUPUI campus culture in order to facilitate and implement Weeks of Welcome programming and initiatives.
  • Intrapersonal Development- Students will reflect on their experience and participate in professional development opportunities to build knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Interpersonal Development- Students will demonstrate the ability to navigate social integrations, work in a team and develop positive relationships with others. 
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