Graduate Professional Student Government

1. What are Graduate and Professional Educational Grants?
Graduate and Professional Educational Grants, or GPEG’s, are grants awarded to graduate and professional students at IUPUI for the assistance in the development of their educational experiences. GPEG’s can be applied towards attending a conference, conducting research, or gaining training outside the campus. Each student can receive up to $500 per academic year. GPEG’s are individual and not group grants (i.e. a group attending a conference cannot apply together, each participant must submit a separate and unique application).

2. How can GPEG funds be used?
The GPEG’s can be used for attending and/or presenting at a local, national, or foreign conference. The funding can also be used to purchase consumable research materials, or for professional training. The funds awarded from the GPEG’s may go towards travel, registration fees, food, or research supplies. Training grants will be considered under the conference GPEG application; when completing the application, treat the training session title as the conference title.

NOTE: Lodging and food will not be reimbursed for conferences held within a 50-mile radius of IUPUI.

GPEG funds are awarded as reimbursements only, except in the situation of services for ‘consumable research’ requests which must be paid by the university directly (inquiries on eligibility should be made to the Vice President of Grants before applying). You may receive a GPEG award prior to your conference, training, etc. but you will not be reimbursed until after the conference has concluded or acceptable research materials have been purchased. In addition, GPEG reimbursements must be completed within 30 days after the initial purchase on consumable materials or the date of the conference conclusion.

NOTE: All funding requests for consumable research material must be approved by university representatives before the purchase occurs to ensure it complies with reimbursement policy. Even if an award notification has been made to a student, university representative and GPSG execs can decline an award if it does not comply with university or GPEG policy.

GPEG funds must follow the IUPUI reimbursement protocols, which include but are not limited to: Flight travel should originate and return to the Indianapolis, IN Airport, food is expendable at local Per Diem rates. Specific location Per Diem rates must be documented on the application in the applicable box; please use the style of “location * daily rate * number of days = total Per Diem amount requested”. Local Per Diem rates for your travel can be obtained via the “Meals & inc. Exp.” Designation at the following website: Failure to include this information, if requesting Per Diem, will result in an incomplete application. Please contact with any specific questions.

Travel through personal or rental vehicle is currently not allowed under reimbursement policy. This includes mileage, gas, and any other expense.

3. How much money can I receive?
Applicants can receive up to, but no more than, $500 each academic fiscal year. Applicants who request more than the $500 amount will be in violation of the FAQ rules and their application will be disqualified.

4. How can I apply for a GPEG?
The GPEG applications can be found through the GPSG “The Den” organization page. The application form will only be available within an open application period. Only one application will be accepted per applicant within an application window; no resubmissions are allowed.
You are only allowed to submit an application via the GPSG page. Applications will NOT be accepted in person or through email. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

The current infrastructure which houses the application cannot save data for later completion. The application must be completed and submitted in one setting. It is therefore suggested an applicant use a word processing program to compose their responses before attempting submission.

5. What information will I need to complete the application?
The application for the current academic year is short and simple, and is accessible through the GPSG page. Please see question 4 for access to the current applications.

In your application, you will fill out your contact information (an IUPUI email must be provided), answer questions about your research/project or the conference you will attend and/or present at, and how the funding will benefit you and IUPUI. 

strong letter of support is required from either an advisor or faculty member.  The letter of support and may be in either PDF or Microsoft Word format and must include your professor’s signature within the document. 

 Please contact with any question.

6. How are the applications reviewed?
The GPEG’s are reviewed by the GPSG representative body. Incomplete or incorrect applications will not be considered. The applicant should review their application for errors and ensure all parts of the application are appropriately completed before submission.

Applicants should follow the prescribed formats within the application.

All reimbursement requests must be itemized on the application. Incomplete or inaccurate expense listings will result in the application being classified as incomplete. University reimbursement policies are very specific about what expenses can and cannot be reimbursed. Failure to itemize expenses will result in an incomplete application because GPSG must follow these reimbursement protocols and therefore cannot justify a reimbursement without knowing what the expense is. NOTE: improper calculations of the expenses will result in disqualification.
Applicants are responsible for all portions of the application, this includes the Letter of Recommendation.

7. Who reviews GPEG applications?
The reviewers are GPSG Representatives, graduate and professional students from a variety of schools at IUPUI. The GPEG is organized by the Chief Financial Officer of GPSG.  
8. When can I apply for a GPEG?
There are multiple applications periods each academic year; submissions are only accepted during proper application windows. A notification will be sent out via the GPSG listserv informing students that the application periods have opened up. Join the GPSG list serve and follow GPSG through their Facebook page to ensure you do not miss an announcement. Deadlines are also accessible via our GPSG website
9. How will I know if I was awarded a GPEG?
All awarded applicants are notified of their status via the IUPUI email address listed on their application. The email will also provide information on how to begin the reimbursement process. A follow-up announcement will also be sent out through the GPSG listserv listing the awarded individuals. Please email: with any questions.
10. How do I receive my award money?
GPEG funds are awarded as reimbursements for conference and training expenses. You may receive a GPEG award prior to your conference, training, purchases, etc. but you will not receive the funds until after the purchases has been made or travel concluded.

All consumable research purchases must be cleared with an IUPUI reimbursement officer, prior to purchase, to ensure the request meets all reimbursement policies. GPSG will make all reasonable efforts to identify proper applications, but are not professionals in the reimbursement department. Awards can be denied by school representatives, post notification, if the awards are not in accordance with university policy. Should an application fail to comply with reimbursement policy, or if original receipts are not turned in within the 30 day window, the applicant will forfeit all rights to the award.

Reimbursements can be made in the form of a check or direct deposit. Direct deposit can be set up online through Additionally, please understand that requesting a check may require a longer time to process as it is mailed through the postal service.
You have 30 days after your conference’s conclusion, or date the consumable materials were purchase, to submit your detailed receipts. Once that time has passed, you are ineligible to receive a reimbursement. This is a university policy and non-negotiable. If this happens, the funding will be returned to GPSG to fund another applicant in an upcoming application window. The process can take more than a day, so please submit your receipts as early as possible. NOTE: a reimbursement check should be received about 2-3 weeks after submitting your receipts.

11. What is the minimum number of hours to be eligible for the GPEG?
GPSG is now providing eligibility to all IUPUI Graduate and Professional students regardless of their hours. Students must be registered the semester they submit an application and receive the application. These do not have to occur in the same semester, but the applicant must maintain student status.
12. Can I receive reimbursement for driving to the conference?
No, funds are not available to reimburse students driving any vehicle. This reimbursement rule includes all components of automobile travel, including gas and mileage. Itemized expenditures which include this type of expense will not be considered and can disqualify an applicant. This is a university policy, and GPSG must abide by it.

13. Is my graduate program eligible to participate?
The GPEG is to be used to support the academic advancement of students at IUPUI, which is why a campus email is required for the application. All Graduate and Professional Students of the IUPUI campus are encourged to apply.