Leadership Development and Civic Engagement

Leadership Consultants

The Leadership Consultants are a team of students facilitating programs to engage, educate, and support others in leadership development on the IUPUI campus. Leadership Consultants serve as facilitators of the Student Organization Leadership Development (SOLD) program, working to develop and present workshops focused on important leadership skills that can be applied to work within student organizations and beyond. In addition, Leadership Consultants serve as facilitators of the Leadership-To-Go (LTG) program, through which groups or individuals may request a workshop to be presented at a meeting or program. Lastly, Leadership Consultants orchestrate and implement the annual Project Leadership, a one-day leadership conference available free-of-charge to all IUPUI students.

Key Responsibilities

This short list will help you understand what you should expect out of being a member of the Leadership Consultants.

  • Be fully present and punctual to all weekly team meetings, consultation meetings, and collaborations with other team members.
  • Respect members of the team and members of the community personally and professionally.
  • Be available for 5 hours per week.
  • Participate in all retreats and trainings in order to become informed as a Leadership Consultant to the IUPUI campus.
  • Facilitate approximately 3 workshops per semester, individually or with a co-facilitator.
  • Participate in the planning and execution of Project Leadership.
  • Assist in any activities/events that further the mission of the Leadership Consultants as needed.

For more information about the Leadership Consultants please email us at iupuilcs@iupui.edu