Leadership Development and Civic Engagement

Political Engagement

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If you are looking to become an engaged citizen within the greater Indianapolis community, we can provide you a gateway in understanding what it means to be an active citizen, how to be a top-quality volunteer, and how to navigate through the variety of agencies and opportunities to choose from throughout the year.

Powered by our Political Engagement Apprentices, these are monthly programs that connect you to the world. Past guest have included Mark Fisher from the Indy Chamber, Rebecca Polcz from IU Government Relations, Dr. Holly Gastineau-Grimes from Marian University, Marshawn Wolley from the Indianapolis Urban League and Sawyer Knuteson from IUPUI.

Active Citizenship 201: Public Advocacy
Tuesday, April 4th
11:30 AM-12:45 PM, CE 306
Now that elections have happened and elected officials have been sworn into office, it’s time for community members to get to work too, through advocacy. Advocacy is one way in which community members give their voice to elected officials to ensure the growth of their communities. It is work that is centered on building partnerships to advance the betterment for an individual, a group, cause, or an organization. Join us for this interactive workshop that will allow you to learn and use tools and ideas that will equip you to be an advocate in your community. 

*Lunch will be served on a first-come, first-served basis.

RSVP at go.iupui.edu/PoliticallyINgaged