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Do you want to learn more about leadership and social justice?

Do you want to impact IUPUI and the wider community?

Freedom Rides is an immersion trip that delves in to the intersectionality of race and systemic oppression. Freedom Rides always takes place over Spring Break and has been running for over six years.

Originally, Freedom Rides was based on traveling to the South (Memphis, TN) to trace the historical perspective of Civil Rights and Racism from the 1950s until now. Spring 2016, the trip was brought back to the Midwest for exploration of regional context of racism and oppression.

Participants will have the opportunity to meet with local community leaders in modern coalition building while building context of social justice and inclusive leadership within identity exploration.

Registration for Freedom Rides is now closed.

Past Participant Comments:

  • “Leading the discussion groups allowed me to use my leadership in a more tangible way to see what I can improve in small groups.”
  • “Conversations we were able to have as a group because I learned a lot from others on the trip.”
  • "(The panel at UC)... Now I have great connections with amazing people who care as much as I do. I got so much advice and my heart was so happy talking to them."
  • "Meeting new people and learning about specific topics in depth."
  • "Definitely engaging with community members and then seeing and learning about the community they operate... I think that it's important to know the environmental and social context in which activist or community members operate in, especially if you are to take something away and apply it to your own activism."

Freedom Rides Learning Outcomes

After Freedom Rides, students will:

  • Be able to define and have nuanced conversations around “race,” “racism,” and “intersectionality”
  • Have a broader understanding of their multiple identities and how those produce privilege/oppression in their lives and leadership processes
  • Develop core communication skills as they engage in dialogue and practice controversy with civility around identity/privilege/oppression with their peers
  • Identify their personal leadership skills and traits to better understand their role in working for positive social change
  • Be able to identify historic movements for racial justice/social change in the Midwest
  • Learn about “coalition building” and the importance of cultivating alliances across difference